Do you suffer from Dry Mouth?

Fortunately, there is a solution for the treatment of the xerostomic sufferer. That solution is Moi-Stir® - available in 4 oz and NEW 1 oz sizes.

This revolutionary mouth-moistening salivary supplement has been quietly astounding the North American market since 1980 and has been clinically tested and accepted by patients across the country.

By contrast, lemon-glycerin swabs, commercial mouthwashes and abrasive foam-tipped applicators may actually injure a patient's mouth over time.

Many of these products are widely recognized today as obsolete, but continue to be used by scores of healthcare institutions in this and other countries.

Moi-Stir® has been hailed for its unique compatibility with oral tissues and is formulated to resemble natural saliva in terms of electrolyte content, buffering capacity, viscosity and pH.

Used routinely in a protocol of oral hygiene, Moi-Stir® will help maintain a patient's oral health and comfort. It will also reduce the patient's odds of developing painful, debilitating and expensive infections or inflammations.

The word from the medical community is, Moi-Stir® works. And if you would like more facts, call us at (317) 849-9513 and we'll send you clinical results that show why Moi-Stir® is fast becoming the number one choice of concerned healthcare professionals nationwide.
Last updated: 01.12.12